Our Values and Foundation Principles

Our foundational principles grow out of our core values. They shape the corporate and divisional strategies that guide our daily work.

Packaging Onions

Customer Focused

  • Deliver safe, quality food that exceeds customer expectations
  • Differentiate products
  • Develop business-to-business branding
  • Utilize storage and processing to make products available as close to year-round as possible

Sustainable Producers

  • Preserve and enhance natural resources
  • Be environmentally responsible
  • Treat animals humanely
  • As part of sound crop rotations, wheat, edible beans, edible oils and milk may be produced to support humanitarian readiness
Watering crops using conservation methods
Cowboys riding into the sunset

People Centered

  • Attract, develop, engage and retain the best talent
  • Treat all with dignity and respect
  • Keep employees safe
  • Be good team members
  • Be emotionally mature

Engaged Citizens

  • Act with absolute integrity
  • Ride for the brand
  • Lift our communities and industries
  • Enhance the appearance of our operations
  • Allow use of non-essential land for appropriate church and community activities
River Point Farms - Donation to Charity
AgReserves - Effective Harvesting

Performance Motivated

  • Get world-class financial and management results
  • No food contamination incidents
  • Innovate using good science, business best practices and proven technology
  • Emphasize land-based, capital-intensive enterprises
  • Manage assets with proper financial, credit, and security controls, and timely record keeping
  • Foster strategic relationships with vendors, customers and other producers
  • Diversify by product line, customer and supplier bases and value-added processing

Land Based

  • Acquire the best land in the best places to produce the crops grown
  • Lease or direct-operate land based on economies of scale, profitability and long-term resource management objectives
  • Protect and enhance long-term value by preserving future land-use options
  • Make disciplined acquisition and disposition decisions by involving specialists in production, finance and land
  • AgReserves primarily produces food crops, which can be used for humanitarian purposes if needed
  • Tobacco, coffee, wine grapes, malt barley, marijuana and hops are not produced on AgReserves property
AgReserves - Land Based